How Long Does Botox last?

Your first treatment generally produces results for up to four to six months. With repeat treatments, you may find that you can go longer between visits because your muscles are essentially being “trained” to relax.

What Does a Botox Treatment Involve?

Botox treatment takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require any anesthesia. Using a fine needle, Dr. Jochen injects small quantities of Botox directly into specific muscles. You’ll feel a slight stinging sensation that goes away in seconds. It’s really pretty painless.A Botox treatment can be a career booster for men

How Quickly Will I See Results from Botox Treatment?

The great thing about Botox is that you’ll not only see immediate improvement in your appearance, but it will continue to improve over the next few days. You’ll see the full effect within two to four days.

How Do I Prepare for Botox Treatment?

To help prevent bruising, you should stop taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications about 10 days before your treatment. That’s it!

What Should I Expect After Botox Treatment?

You can return to work or other regular activity right after your Botox procedure. You should just plan to remain upright (standing or sitting) for several hours.

A small percentage of patients may experience slight bruising at the injection site, nausea, or headache, but these symptoms don’t last long.

Why Choose Contour Dermatology and Dr. Jochen for Botox Treatment?

For the best results from Botox treatment, you want a doctor who truly understands facial and neck muscle anatomy so that injections are placed accurately.

Dr. Timothy Jochen is one of the most highly trained and experienced doctors in all of southern California when it comes to Botox treatments – ensuring that you have the best possible outcome. He is among the top 1% of Botox injectors in the nation.