Botox for the Neck and Jawline

How Botox Can Improve the Appearance of the Neck and Jowls?

As we age or our weight fluctuates, it’s quite common to have prominent neck muscle bands at the front of the neck and under the chin. This neck muscle is called the platysma; it’s a thin fan of muscle that extends from the chest up the neck to the jaw. As this muscle loosens, its front edge on either side can hang down or protrude.

Injecting small amounts of Botox into the neck bands causes them to lie down instead of protrude. Within days of treatment, the bands appear to fade away, often dramatically improving the neck silhouette.

The “Nefertiti Lift” for a Tighter JawlineTreatment Areas for Botox

Because it extends into the jaw/lower face, the platysma muscle also can pull skin downwards, exaggerating a “jowly” appearance. When Botox is injected into some of these neck bands, as well as the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth downward, it means the muscles that lift in this area can do their job unopposed – creating a firmer jawline and smoother neck, like that of the regal Queen Nefertiti.

Is Botox for the Neck and Jawline Right for You?

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